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Price for our desexed Ocicat kittens or show neuter kittens: $1200
Kittens available Australia wide and world wide, see below for travel costs

Please email for prices on our breeding cats
*Please note: We do not sell breeding cats within Australia, international enquiries will be considered

 *kitten availability* 
 Our special Christmas day babies 
5 handsome spotty boys in tawny, black silver & chocolate
These boys will be ready to leave from March 18, 2018
click here to visit their litter page

Zayenah Logan, an exceptionally well spotted kitten with wonderful contrast, 
bred from award winning parents.
Will make a stunning pet or show quality neuter.
Logan is ready to join his new family today.
Zayenah Logan 
chocolate spotted male, born August 11, 2017
*available for adoption*
(price on enquiry) 
Logan is a stunning chocolate spotted boy, wonderful contrast to his coat.
He has a very sweet, cuddly, smoochy temperament. 
Loves to be cuddled up on your lap when he's not busy being a playful, cheeky kitten.

Grand Champion Zayenah Honey Truffle 
Vilas' Livius Van Zebdaj (Imp NL)
Possible colours: chocolate spotted, chocolate spotted silver
tawny spotted, black spotted silver
Kitten pedigree: click here
Kittens due February 7th, 2018

Zayenah Some Like It Hot
CCCA Champion, Gold Double Grand Champion Chezami Azazel (Imp NZ)
Possible colours: chocolate, chocolate silver,
cinnamon, cinnamon silver
in spotted & possibly classic pattern
Kitten pedigree: click here
Kittens due February 9th, 2018

Grand Champion Zayenah Sugar Rush
Vilas' Livius Van Zebdaj (Imp NL)
Possible colours: chocolate spotted, chocolate spotted silver,
 tawny spotted, black spotted silver
lilac spotted, lilac spotted silver
blue spotted, blue spotted silver
Kitten pedigree: click here
Kittens due February 9th, 2018

**A note about Classic pattern Ocicats**
Many Ocicats carry the recessive gene for classic tabby pattern, the pattern has been around since the breeds creation coming from the use of American Shorthair cats. 
All the usual lovely Ocicat features and purrsonality just in a different coat pattern. 
Being a recessive gene, classics are fairly rare. There is no test for the classic gene, and both parents must carry it, spotted is a dominant pattern, breeders can be surprised when a Classic Ocicat kitten pops up going many generations before seeing one, with some never producing classics at all.
Many breeders keep a classic pattern Ocicat to help produce bigger spots on the spotted kittens, there are only a few associations that accept classic pattern Ocicats for showing. 
Below is a striking chocolate silver classic Ocicat kitten, and 'Noodle' a black silver classic pattern adult, an example of what we may see from our upcoming matings, thanks to Chez Ami Ocicats for the photos. 

How to adopt one of our adorable Ocicat kittens
We do keep a waiting list for pet and show neuter Ocicat kittens. Kittens not retained for our breeding program are offered in order of the waiting list.
  • Contact us to go on our waiting list for our upcoming litters
  • Names are placed on the waiting list in order of receipt, you may choose a colour & sex at that time. You may change that selection until a kitten is reserved for you.
  • Payments accepted via direct deposit, pay pal or cash. Details will be provided by email when required.
  • A deposit of $400 is required ($200 of which is non-refundable) to secure your kitten once litters are born
  • Receipts are provided for all payments.
  • Balance due by 10-11 weeks of age, giving time for payments to be processed, paperwork completed, and flights for kittens travelling to be booked
  • Photos will be posted weekly, or as time permits so you can watch your baby grow
  • At Zayenah we reserve the right to cancel the sale of a kitten at any time before the kitten leaves us, the deposit accepted for the kitten will then be refunded. 
Travel costs**
We make all travel arrangements for kittens going interstate or overseas, all the new owners need to do it meet their kitten at the airport.

A new PP20 Airline approved travel crate and soft blanket are included in travel costs. We never use airline hire crates for our precious bubs, only brand new crates, yours to keep that will suit your Oci baby into adult hood.

Travel is booked via Animal Travel, an experienced animal transport agency, for the best of care on their journey. 

Please email us for a travel quote if your destination is not listed below.

**Prices subject to change, current as of January 2018

Adelaide to:
Melbourne - $150
Sydney - $160
Albury - $190
Newcastle - $180
Brisbane - $170
Gold Coast - $180
Hobart - $150
Perth - $210
Darwin - $245
Ceduna - $195

Our kittens leave at 12 weeks old, as required in the code of ethics set out by FASA who we are registered with. We are present at every birth, our kittens are handled multiple times a day from birth and raised 'under foot', that is, in the house so they are well socialised, used to people coming and going, washing machines, phones, tv's...
Much time is devoted to the kittens and cats, they are brilliant time wasters.
 We also regularly show our Ocicats so they are judged on a national level to ensure we are breeding cats to type. 
Raised to the highest standards, we feed our cats and kittens top quality foods and meats, your kitten will be seen by a feline specialist breeding clinic for health check, vaccinations, microchipping and desexing. 

All kittens leave:
  • De-sexed 
  • Vaccinated 
  • Microchipped and registered with Central Animal Registry (CAR) http://www.car.com.au/
  • Worm and flea free
  • Litter trained
  • Written health guarantee  *click here to view the guarantee
  • Well socialised
  • 6 weeks free insurance with Pet Plan http://petplan.com.au/index.asp
  • Copy of full sized photographs and videos from birth - 12 weeks
  • Pedigree papers registered with the Feline Association of SA Inc, your kitten will have their own unique registration number
  • Kitten starter pack containing food and some favoured toys and cat wands.
Our kittens leave with a kitten pack stuffed with goodies to help them settle into their new homes, with foods they are familiar with, a small collection of toys & teasers and a blanket that smells like mum and litter mates. Kittens flying interstate receive a smaller selection that will safely fit into their carry box.

Kittens are to be kept indoors to keep them safe. Ocicats are easily trained, and can be taught to walk on a lead so they can enjoy some outside time without any risks to their health. An outdoor enclosure or aviary is another option.

All kittens must leave in an approved carry box, please do not arrive without one. 

We love to hear about our kittens growing up in their new homes, please feel free to email with photos, stories and questions. We understand life can change and ask that we are contacted should the need to re-home arise.

Zayenah Ocicats health guarantee and purchase agreement 

1. The breeder guarantees the purchased kitten:

- has been vet checked and is clinically healthy at the time of purchase

- is free from communicable diseases for a period of 72 hours from the date of leaving Zayenah

- has been vaccinated at least once with F3 vaccination

-        has been treated with a broad spectrum worming product at 8 & 12 weeks of age

  1. to activate this part of the health guarantee the purchaser should take the kitten to a veterinarian within 5 days of the date of leaving Zayenah for a health check

- the purchaser must notify the breeder of any claim within 24 hours of such veterinary examination

- should the kitten be diagnosed to have contracted any serious disease or illness, the breeder will offer the following options at the breeders discretion on condition that the kitten is returned to the breeder within 5 days

   - full refund or

   - treatment for the deficiency, all procedures must be agreed to prior,  or

-        a replacement kitten of equal quality or value

  1. kittens are not guaranteed against accidental death or injury at any time after sale
  1. the breeder is not responsible for contagious diseases to which the purchased cat/kitten is exposed to during shipping that are not evident during the initial guarantee period.


5.    The breeder guarantees the purchased kitten against congenital defects for six months from date of purchase.

         6.    If within this period, a qualified veterinary examination finds the purchased kitten to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life threatening congenital defect, excluding accidents or neglect, a written statement form the said veterinarian must be provided to the breeder to support this.

7.    If the purchased kitten dies within that time as a direct result of a congenital defect, an autopsy report by a qualified veterinarian (at the cost of the purchaser) must be provided to the breeder as proof of cause of death and to support any claim under this guarantee

8.    The purchaser must notify any claim to the breeder within 24 hours of such veterinary examination.

9.    Upon return of the purchased kitten and the relevant veterinarian report to the breeder, or an autopsy report in the case of a deceased kitten, the purchased kitten will be replaced with another kitten of equal value and equal guarantee. If no replacement kitten is available at that time, the breeder will have 9 months to furnish the purchaser with a satisfactory replacement.

 10. The purchased kitten cannot be returned under this guarantee after this guarantee period has expired.

 11. If the purchased cat/kitten is euthanised without the prior knowledge of the breeder, expect in the case where a veterinarian considers it the only humane alternative, this guarantee becomes void.

 12. Where a replacement kitten is requested or where euthanasia is requested, the purchaser agrees to grant full access to all veterinary records to the breeder. Veterinary records include copies of actual visit cards to veterinarians stating vaccinations, injuries, test results. Etc. during the period the kitten is owned by the purchaser. 

 13. If the purchased cat/kitten is diagnosed with a minor imperfection (not known at time of sale) that requires no treatment and does not interfere with the normal function and purpose of the purchased cat/kitten, then no replacement or refund will be given.

 14. No refund or replacement will be given for any condition or defect caused by accident, neglect or malnutrition.


 1.15.             It is considered common cattery practice and good animal husbandry to isolate any new addition to a multi-cat household for a period of time. The purchased kitten should not be exposed to another cat or kitten that has not been currently vaccinated or which has had exposure to other cats or kittens that are not currently vaccinated. Exposure of the purchased kitten to diseases or hazards will immediately terminate all heath guarantees or options for replacement

1.16.             the purchaser is responsible for providing immediate veterinary care to the kitten/cat in the event that it show signs of illness or distress. Failure to do so will render this guarantee null and void.

1.17.             The purchaser will continue to maintain the health of the kitten with vaccination boosters by a qualified veterinarian and maintain regular and appropriate worming and parasite control programs for the kitten as needed.

1.18.             The purchaser will keep the kitten/cat as an indoor pet throughout it's life and will not permit the kitten/cat to roam outside unattended. Failure by the purchaser to honour this condition will render this guarantee null and void and the kitten/cat may be reclaimed by the breeder for the protection of the kitten/cat.

1.19.             The purchaser will provide the kitten/cat with premium kitten/cat food.

* This agreement is available for public viewing, it may therefore be inferred that the purchaser agrees to the conditions of sale and is bound by them*


Amanda Herde
Phone: 0432 816 049
International :
+61 432 816 049