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Zayenah Ocicats Australian Ocicat breeder, ocicat kittens Australia

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Fly chase fail
While Ocicats are usually athletic, graceful and coordinated, 
sometimes it goes wrong....
Mia, a black spotted silver kitten hunting a fly

Ocicat squeal
Tawny kitten Hattie and her adorable squeaky voice

Casually Naughty
Tawny Ocicat kitten Hattie naughtily destroying a box of tissues with not a care in the world.
Taking time to look around and even groom herself

Tawny Ocicat Anastasia loves to play fetch

Ocicat Squeal
Our Chocolate Ocicat Ashia, listen to her squealy kitten voice as she watches a moth with friends

Anastasia at 3 months old
Our Tawny girl Anastasia playing

Talking to the birds
Chocolate spotted Silver Demetri chattering to the birds outside

Rub my tummy
Chocolate Ocicat Farley begs for a tummy rub

Chocolate Spotted Silver Demetri as a kitten, enjoying some outside harness time

Fun in a box
Chocolate spotted Ocicat Ashia and Black spotted silver Malika

Ocicat kittens 1 week old
Chocolate Ocicat Ashia with her 7 Oci bubs