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Welcome to the spectacularly spotty world of Zayenah Ocicats, my name is Amanda and I am an Australian Ocicat breeder located in Adelaide, South Australia, specialist breeder of captivating Ocicats registered with the Feline Association of SA (FASA) and the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA. 

Our kittens live around Australia and the world. 

Along with breeding I enjoying showing our Ocicats and have won several titles including: 2007-2017 FASA Ocicat exhibits of the year. Our Tawny girl Anastasia is also the highest titled Ocicat female in Australia*, Ana became a Gold Champion in 2011. Our cats have placed highly in each National Cat show we have attended, placing in the top 15 out of 100+ exhibits. In 2017 our stud boy CCCA Champion, Gold Double Grand Champion Chezami Azazel and won group 3 cat of the year - an outstanding achievement. 

Now in our 12th year of showing, I continue to regularly show our cats, we feel it's a very important part to any breeding program. I have also served on the FASA committee for 3 years as treasurer, and currently as a management committee member.  

We are committed to the Ocicat breed in Australia, we gained experience in showing our cats and learning the Ocicat standard and a deep love for the breed before starting out with our breeding cats to ensure we are breeding top quality cats. We are devoted to keeping this rare breed going in Australia by bringing in new bloodlines from overseas.

The beginning...
I first fell in love with Ocicats back in 2006 when a friend in America adopted a chocolate desexed Ocicat boy to show in alter class, I had never seen such a stunning cat before and was interested in finding a purebred cat to show. Started researching about Ocicats and found they had the perfect personality we were looking for - intelligent, active, easy care coats and of course gorgeous!

Early 2007 we found a lovely chocolate silver desexed boy to show (Demetri) he arrived home in April 2007. Instantly smitten with the breed, we were quickly on a waiting list for another kitten, this time a tawny female. Our tawny girl was born in July 07 and while waiting for her to come home we were offered a chocolate boy, 5 months old available for showing. Miss tawny (Anastasia) and Mr Chocolate (Farley) arrived home together, and we were a happy family of 3 spotted beauties.

Our first Ocicats - Anastasia, Demetri and Farley

All 3 cats were shown very successfully in the desexed class, and we were invited to breed Ocicats. After much thought and discussion, and advice from fellow breeders we went ahead and registered our Prefix, and waited for the perfect black spotted silver breeding girl. While visiting our future queen, we saw a litter of tiny babies sired by a cinnamon Ocicat boy we admired (also the sire to our chocolate pet boy), so a chocolate girl was soon to be ours as well to be a future breeding queen.

Our breeding girls as kittens - Malika (middle) and Ashia (right) with big sister Anastasia

Our first little breeding kittens are now grown up girls and have retired from our program. 
We are thoroughly enjoying raising lovely spotted babies, though it's very hard saying goodbye when they reach 12 weeks old.
Of course they are placed in the best of homes and we adore when owners update us with photos and stories as their little ones grow.

In 2011 we brought in our first import, offering a new colour and blood lines for us. 
Many thanks for Alexandra of Daywalker Ocicats in Germany for our lovely blue girl Daywalker Sacajawea. 
She was followed by Chezami Azazel, a chocolate spotted stud boy from New Zealand in 2015. 
Vilas' Livus van Zebdaj, a blue spotted silver stud boy joined us from the Netherlands in 2017.
2018-2020 will see new cats from Finland and the USA.
We have plans for new cats joining us in the coming years to keep our Ocicat lines healthy and strong.
We have sent kittens to breeders in Malaysia, New Zealand, Germany, USA and Finland, 
these kittens have also been shown and done very well, including winning best in show.