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Champion Zayenah Chocolate Chip
Pet name: Chip
Colour: Chocolate spotted (OCI b 24)
 photo PA053914_zps0963cac6.jpg  photo PA053909_zps7cc0ddd6.jpg

Dam: Grand Champion Ozspots Ashia of Zayenah (chocolate spotted)
Sire: Grand Champion Ozspots Dargo (chocolate spotted silver)
Birthdate: March 8, 2013
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Chip is inherited PRA normal and PK-Def clear, bred from clear tested parents. 
Chip has tested negative for Tritrichomonas Foetus.  

Chip is a lovely chocolate spotted girl, carrying cinnamon. Chip looks a lot like her mum Ashia, and has the same outgoing, smoochy personality. Chip is doing well on the show bench in kitten class during 2013 often winning Best Ocicat kitten and group placings. 
Chip did very well at the 2013 ACF National show, winning best Ocicat kitten in 2 rings along with 2 x 8th best kitten placings out of 88 entires. 

Chip had emergency surgery December 24th, 2014 and had to be spayed. Her sister Ice was beside herself without her best friend, Chip came home around lunch time on Christmas day and the girls thought this was the best xmas present ever! They spent a lot of time grooming together and were very chatty, Chip was telling Ice all about her time away at the vets. 
Below are some photos from when Chip came back home, she's looking a little worse for wear with a shaved tummy, leg, neck and missing fur on her sides, you can really see how bonded these girls are :)
Chip recovered from her spay surgery just fine, and the girls are as bonded as ever, never far from each others side. 

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